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Informed Opinions' Gender Gap Tracker measures the ratio of female to male sources quoted in online news coverage across some of Canada's most influential national news media. By default, the past 7 days of analyzed media coverage are displayed. You can adjust the date range using the slider below, selecting the start date from the left, and end date from the right. The charts will auto-refresh once you have chosen your dates.

Hovering your cursor over components of the two graphs will show the number and percentage of sources counted during the selected date range.

No data for selected date range.

Ratio of male and female sources by news outlet

Aggregate ratio of male and female sources

Media measured by the Gender Gap Tracker are listed below. Click on the logo of the news outlets you rely on to encourage them to start tracking the gender of their sources in pursuit of more democratic public conversations.

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Click here to learn more about the methodology behind the Gender Gap Tracker.